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Standard Operating Procedure 

Standard Operating Procedure

Creating a safe fitness space at Studio 281 instructors and members

Personal Trainers, Instructors and Members will follow these guidelines to ensure they conduct a safe environment for all of the 281 community. 

Members are asked to: 

  • Use the booking system at ALL times, no last minute entry will be granted, no booking- no class sorry!

  • The car park remains CLOSED to all members, please do not park here. Please arrive only 5 minutes before your class, you will be asked to que in the waiting zone outside in the car park. Welcome staff will then call you through to your desired class area when necessary. When waiting outside please respect that classes will be taking place and the instructor could be filming virtually. 

  • Always attend in freshly washed gym kit including a clean sweat towel, one per class you are attending.

  • Please come prepared to train, no lockers will be provided so keys and phone and minimal layers to avoid excess belongings 

  • Toilets will be open, however only one person at a time in the changing room. No changing or shower facilities will be available

  • You will be able to fill water bottles up but ONLY on entry to the session. Once the class has begun you will not be allowed to leave your zone and then re-enter. No member of staff will be able to fill up on your behalf 

  • When entering the studio, all temperatures will be taken and you will be asked to sanitise your hands at the station provided

  • Ride classes will be conducted in the main studio via a socially distanced format- please fill up from the front bikes to avoid unnecessary movement between bikes, all others classes will be conducted in the outdoor space provided. 

  • Once any class commences members will be asked to not move from the zone marked out. There will be no passing of equipment, cleaning products or water bottles. 

  • No sweat towels will be provided by studio 281, if you wish to bring your own you MUST ensure it is freshly cleaned at the start of the class. You cannot bring a soiled sweat towel to any class. If you have completed two classes please bring a clean towel for each class you participate in

  • At the end of the class you will be asked to wipe down all equipment. Please ensure that you do this thoroughly 

  • All classes will have a minimum of 10 minutes between each class to allow for air circulation, cleaning and movement through the studio. Please respect this and abide by the time periods we have set

  •  If you are completed two classes “back to back” you will be asked to re-join the queuing system by following the one way system to get back to the entrance. 

  • On exit of your session please avoid loitering and discussion with others, we know this is why you love 281 but we really really must avoid any unnecessary crowding in the waiting area outside. 



When conducting a PT session the PT will: 

  • PTs will be responsible for checking clients temperature and getting them to sanitise as soon as they enter. No client is to wait in reception they will need to be collected from a yellow spot in the car park.

  • All one to one sessions will be held within a PT zone, all equipment that is needed for this session will be present on arrival of the client. 

  • The PT will be provided with a cleaning basket for clients to place phone and keys in at the start of session and water bottle. In this basket there will cleaning products to clean all equipment down at the end of the session 

  • The PT will can wear a mask provided by 281 if they wish.

  •  The PT must allow for 10 minutes minimum between each client to allow for cleaning, air flow and ensure no client congregation at any times

  • No spectators will be allowed within the PT setting, this includes parents. There will be no waiting area or reception area for them to wait, PT is responsible for escorting the minor to the parent in the car park 

  • All clients will exit via the fire door in the main studio, we must assist our clients to use this method of exiting to ensure reduced client congregation.




When conducting a class the instructor will ensure: 

  • All members will be welcomed from a socially distanced que in the car park. The instructor will be in the teaching zone ready to go when participants enter 

  • Participants will enter a training “zone” and NOT leave this zone, all equipment for this session will be ready in the zone. 

  • The instructor will ensure all clients stay within the zone provided, do not share equipment at any time. 

  • The instructor will avoid moving around the class and also will stay within the desired teaching zone

  • During the session no one is allowed to leave the box they are in, no passing of drinks, equipment or cleaning materials is allowed. 

  • At the end of the session, the instructor will ask all members to clean down all equipment and through away cleaning wipes in the bin on exit 

  • Instructors will be asked to guide members out of the exit only door, in correct socially distance fashion



How will Studio 281 ensure safe and effective practice is complied with at all times?

  • A reduced number of members will be in attendance at any time 

  • Staggered class start times to avoid overcrowding with at least 10 minutes between each class in the same area 

  • Temperature checks on entry 

  • Members only with booking to all classes for track and trace 

  • Measured spacing for “zones” including PT room, Ride and outdoor setting 

  • Sanitising stations provided throughout the building 

  • Open doors, windows and air extraction to ensure constant air circulation

  • Air conditioning and fans to help cooling of the air and regular filtering 

  • High professional standard cleaning products used at all times 

  • Regular fogging will be completed 

  • Regular and up to date staff training on Covid-19 compliance and regulations 

Studio 281 reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone with a high temperature or symptoms of Covid-19. We will take anyone with a positive test result or symptoms very seriously, we will follow this with the correct measures se.g. closing the studio if deemed necessary. The health and safety of our members and team is most importance to us. 

Studio 281 take the privacy of your data very seriously. If required we may be asked by the NHS or contact tracing teams to process your data to support the contact tracing regime to help in their efforts to stamp out further infections and localised outbreaks. This is a crucial part of ensuring that our team and members remain safe whilst we open. In all cases the data processed would be kept to a minimum and in accordance with government guidelines. 

If you have any questions regarding our new procedures please email us on