5 ways to get yourself ready for the day ahead.

Now more than ever, with more people working from home, it feels like the whole day becomes one big blur of lethargic moods, pent up energy and irritable conversations.

This month I combatted a perfect morning routine that really sets me up for the day. Through this whole pandemic, I have been working with clients to help them get into the best mental, physical and emotional states that they possibly can, and we have discovered that it really does all come down to how you get your day started.

It’s important to share these 5 simple routine changes, as these can really make a big difference to your productivity and mood throughout the day. And let’s be honest, we could really do with a pick me up right now.

These may seem simple, but we promise you, after a week of these small changes you will start to feel like a new person.

1. GET UP ON YOUR FIRST ALARM- its really easy to snooze in the mornings, especially now its dark! It can feel so cosy in bed but snoozing sets you up for a delayed start to the day. I personally use a Fitbit alarm that uses my sleep cycle to ensure I wake up when I am not in a DEEP sleep, this makes me feel less groggy when I wake up. Its also a vibration on my wrist so its less “shocking” to the system and makes me want to get up and get started with my day. You can get similar applications on your phone or any other smart devices. If it’s super cold, and you like that 10minutes feeling cosy in bed, that’s okay - set your alarm 10minutes earlier then you need to get up, and pop on the lamp and have a cosy cuddle before you get up... just make sure you don’t go back to the land of nod!

2. AVOID LOOKING AT YOUR PHONE TOO SOON. Its easy to get distracted with work emails, social media postings, responding to messages the minute we wake up, which instantly puts your mind in to a reactive mode, rather than proactive. If you try and factor in 10-15 minutes for a morning shower with the radio or your favourite feel good tunes your mind set will be much more focused first thing. Opening stressful work emails or seeing what Karen had for dinner can have a really negative affect on your mental wellbeing so early in the day. Start with fresh and calming thoughts and a routine which gives you some mental space before the day gets started. Obviously we will let you off for switching off your alarm, but no browsing!

3. RAISE YOUR HEART RATE - If finding time to exercise is a worry for you, get up earlier and get it done first thing. People that work in offices, at home or have rather sedentary based job can sometimes end up not “moving” for over 3-4 hour windows. Exercising early gets the day started on a positive vibe. Your productivity will be higher first thing, you will save time in the evening meaning you can spend time with family, friends (when covid allows) and also if needs be, continue to work which ensures you haven’t missed out on that all important exercise session. If you can, speak to your boss and try and get a sit stand desk - if you can’t stomach a morning workout, letting your muscles stay elongated will help keep your blood flow moving well.

4. EAT - A healthy and balanced breakfast is one of the most important ways to start the day. There is so much coverage around what to have for breakfast and it seems that the avocado is still super trendy as still fills my Instagram feed today. It upsets me that so many people don’t even consider eating breakfast, meaning by 11am they are starving and have finished a whole biscuit tin without even thinking about it. My go to breakfast in a hurry is wholemeal toast with marmite. Full of goodness slow realising carbohydrates and yumminess. If I am at the Studio, I love to make a protein smoothie with banana and almond milk, again full of slow releasing carbohydrates super filling and really tasty too. Eggs and avocado are always a delicious start if you have time to prepare these, as they are full of protein and healthy fats which will keep you energised and full throughout the morning.

5. DRINK YOUR H2O - This is the most important way to start your day! I’m not really a coffee or tea lover, but I know some of the team literally cant function without a coffee first thing! For me a large glass of water along gets me going. If you have had a good nights sleep you may have gone 6-8 hours without any fluids being put into your body, causing the feeling of grogginess. Trust me a glass of water will wake you up and have you feeling ready to go within minutes. For me hydration is key, drinking water keeps my skin clear, avoids me getting headaches through the day and gets my digestive system working. It really is one of the most crucial parts to any morning routine.

If your feeling the winter worries, struggling to get out of bed, or are feeling tired from the moment you wake up, I urge you to give these things a go.

I am not one for gratitude lists and affirmations every morning, however I am sure that if you start the day right, it gives you a positive outlook on the day ahead.

The most important one for me is breakfast and water, without those two I feel like a completely different person.

Give it a go and let me know how you get on!