8 Reasons to LOVE group exercise.

Have you always wondered why people go crazy for classes? Never really understood the obsession of group exercise?

Did you know group exercise is the fastest growing fitness trend in the UK right now…

So there must be a reason why people love it so much!

Studio 281 was born out of my love of group exercise. For me, I really struggle to exercise alone, I find it something that should be shared, something to celebrate and enjoy with others.

Here are eight reasons why people just like you should love group exercise along with the benefits of being one of these people...

A lot of people love being a class goer as it gives them accountability. Normally classes use a booking system, meaning that you have committed to going to that class and its more likely you will schedule the time in to complete a workout than if you do not plan or book it. Alongside accountability, another huge benefit is motivation.

Most people haven’t got a clue where to start in the gym, how to achieve a great feel good workout alone, well in a class this is all done for you! You get to turn up, the instructor is a pro in what they do, create an insane motivational atmosphere and before you know it you’ve hit a burpee record, smashed your squat PB and are booking for tomorrow morning before the sweats left your face! This also makes it super easy to reach your goals, you are being coached through the whole workout. Your instructor is there to support you and give you guidance. A great opportunity to ensure you are getting the best workouts for you and not just doing what the girl on Instagram claims will give you the feel good factor. For example, if you want to improve your cardiovascular fitness, an instructor who is teaching a cardio class is going to ensure the goal of the class is met. Win win for you- less thinking and planning workouts more time to make those goals happen!

It also gives you access to coaches expertise for less. An average PT session can cost you anywhere from £25-35. A class can be £7-10. In this time you can seek out trainers that motivate and inspire you and access them for much cheaper than a 1-2-1. It’s a great way to build a rapport with them if you are looking to take training further, 9/10 most instructors are also PTs so can then help you further and you have already seen their skill and know you will like their training style, another huge win!

It’s not just the instructor that keeps the motivation high, the fact you are working alongside others gives you an opportunity to meet new people. Times like now, with our social life being at an all-time low, being able to laugh and joke with strangers is a huge win (socially distanced of course) when you’ve spent all day working from home.

Working out with outs also gives a community, the people around you make your 6am alarms a little easier when your greeted with a your regular smiley faces and also people tend to notice when you are not there! Another big win for accountability, you’ll never not book that class.. if you don’t Karen will be messaging you on facebook to ask where you were!

You could be at the start of your fitness journey or an ex athlete looking to find your love for working out again. Group exercise isinclusive. It really doesn’t matter what level of fitness you are, classes suit everyone as you can work at your own pace, push yourself and take harder or easier options wherever you feel you need to. It really is your workout and even though you can be in a room with 20 others, its super personal to how and what you want out of your workout.

My top tips to get involved in group exercise is to give it a go. Not all classes are the same, you are not going to enjoy every single class you go to. Its like anything, you need to find the one that suits you better. Take note of instructors, settings and the class style you enjoy. Once you’ve found the one… you’ll never look back

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