Meet Frank...

"Studio 281 is unlike any other gym I've been to, and I LOVE it.

I've always found that when I go to a traditional gym, I don't feel like I'm getting the most out of it and can't get the results I want because I don't always know what to do. I try to follow a routine, but that soon gets thrown out the window when I can't get to the equipment I need. I think the biggest disadvantage for me is the lack of motivation and the encouragement I need to be able to push myself.

With the classes at Studio 281 though, I have none of that. Going to the classes and working with the team there changed everything. They welcomed me straight in along with the other members. I quickly felt part of a big team all working together, spurring each other on to achieve your own goals. The instructors are so full of energy and passion for what they do that you truly feel like it doesn't matter what your fitness level is, they will have you leave feeling like you've pushed yourself and achieved something great.

I've worked from home since last year so don't get to move around much in the day and haven't had a fitness routine in a few years, so I was worried about starting again, but going to just one class eliminated all my worries. After only a few weeks I already started to feel healthier, more awake, more motivated and actually looking forward to going to the next class! Whether it's Ride, Lift, Circuits, Kettlebells or Group PT... Once that music starts, you just disappear into the zone. I can genuinely say I really enjoy going every day.

We all lead busy lives and committing to a regular health/fitness routine can be difficult but there's various membership options or you can just pay as you go, so there's something for everyone. The classes are short, focused and available all throughout the day and weekends too. I don't have a huge amount of spare time in the mornings, but the 6:30am classes are perfect and because they're only 30 minutes, I can get there, smash the class and get home feeling great with plenty of time left to get ready for work. It's easy to manage the class bookings online so I can just book on and go. I can't recommend Studio 281 and the team there enough and encourage anyone looking to get fitter and healthier to just give them a try! They're an amazing team and what's better than supporting an honest, genuine and hard working local business!"