Meet Jemma...

Many of you ask…. Why, how, who, when and are you mad?

Those that know me probably know the answer to the last part is yes but…2 years ago a new found love/hate (hate the sweat mainly ) relationship with exercise was found and the mindset it gives me is spicy.

This morning as I sat on my spin bike like most Fridays at 6:30am I felt the urge to better myself.

I was there for me, just me. I generally stick to a routine and don’t always bounce back quick but I try, some days are tough but then I’ve realised (30 something years later) that I am too.

Life throws a lot of s#i% but I’ve worked out with buckets of patience, endless support, a squad of the best people to fuel your mind and cake it often a feels a great place to be! A PB in the bag too- happy Friday!

Thank you, Studio 281 x