Meet Kate...

I decided to start my weight loss journey at the end of 2018 when I was 32 years old. An off hand comment from my mum was the first time I realised that being the age I was and on my way to 20 stone wasn’t good for my health … mentally or physically. I lost 2 stone but myself and then in 2019 I joined Studio281 and signed up for a 6 week weight loss Bootcamp. Having rarely exercised properly since having my daughter five years previous, except for a half hearted attempt to complete couch 2 5 k … I was petrified !!

I hated how not only my then 17 stone body looked but also felt. And I had no idea how my body would react to exercise 3 times a week with the body camp.

But from the moment I stepped in the doorway of 281, I felt nothing but motivation and encouragement. Everyone who works there is committed to making every member feel valued, appreciated and catered for. Whatever your reason for being there, they are right being you cheering you on. I smashed the 6 week bootcamp and signed up to become a full member. Throwing myself into spin classes, with push me to my limit. Aerobics classes. Lift classes. Kettlebells. Things I never imagined I would do but things I quickly realised were good for not just my body but my brain and that consistency was key in order to carrying on losing weight. With classes at all times of the day there was no reason I couldn’t commit to consistency.

Throughout the pandemic when lockdown saw almost everywhere close, Studio 281 were working hard everyday … offering equipment out to members and doing their daily timetable of classes online through a private members group. Not only encouraging and supporting their members to keep their fitness up during the pandemic but offering social events over zoom for members who were struggling with being at home.

I went back to train with Georgia in January of this year because after shifting 4 stone I was struggling to lose anymore weight. I have since lost another 2 stone but I have now been correctly educated on how my body works and what my body needs to continue to lose weight but also train as my body adjusts. Not only did she PT me over FaceTime when the studio was still closed. But when the gyms reopened in May 2021 she (and the whole time) safely encouraged me (and every single member) back into the studio to the face to face classes and PT sessions.

There is not a single part of my visits to the studio that makes me nervous now and I am so happy that I started this journey to make the best version of myself. My name is Kate. I am now 6 stone (84lbs) down in my fitness journey. I have run a half marathon. I am now educated properly of fitness and nutrition and cannot wait for the next chapter of my journey. I am a PROUD member of Studio281.