Meet Susanne...

I started having PT sessions with Georgia when I was 6 weeks pregnant.

I had always worked out and felt comfortable in a gym setting, but with lower energy levels and shortness of breath occurring easily as well as the small but significant changes to my body, I needed guidance as to how to train safely and effectively through my pregnancy.

From the first session Georgia not only provided me with a friendly welcome, but she made sure I trained safely whilst still maintaining the challenge I love when working out. Her first rate knowledge of pre and post natal fitness meant I was able to keep my fitness level up whilst helping my body prepare for labour and the journey after.

I trained with Georgia, weekly, until I was 40 weeks pregnant and she kept me feeling confident all the way through. Her care for my fitness and well-being as well as the health of my baby boy was brilliant and made me enjoy getting up to train even at my most pregnant.

Her clear focus on core engagement, posture and the pelvic floor meant that I felt prepared for labour and for life after birth. Some of her tips and exercises still help me now, particularly with posture when breastfeeding.

Once I had given birth, Georgia saw me for a check up to see whether I was able to return to training. Again, her knowledge of what you need to be exercise ready meant that she gave me the confidence to return to sessions. Her input during pregnancy meant that I could return to exercise within less than 6 weeks of giving birth.

Training with Studio 281, at their Mummy and Me classes, saw me again being instructed by Georgia who created a series of challenging workouts that appealed to all abilities in that room! Her clear instruction and encouraging manner kept me motivated and has left me feeling happy with the progress I have made since giving birth.

I will definitely be training with Georgia again when we choose to have another child, her work ethic and care for her client is second to none!