The Truth Behind Influencers.

Did you know we spend an average of 2 hours and 24 minutes per day on social media?

I am sure you are all familiar of aimlessly scrolling through stories and seeing highlights of people’s lives, home schooling, workouts, fakeaways, dinner inspo, home gyms, working from home set ups, long country walks and those celebrity images that just seem to have life so wrapped up. You know the ones… never a messy house, their perfect metabolism, and their post workout selfie looking so flawless - did they even break a sweat?

How do they only do 10 minutes of exercise per day and look that good?

Yet they are living it up in Dubai, drinking sugary cocktails round the pool, sipping champagne in the high-rise buildings, and eating out in luxury restaurants most nights. No, we aren’t blasting them for the holiday lifestyle right now, but, the unrealistic expectation they give us all with their body image.

Exhibit A - Alexandra Cain.

A gorgeous, curvy girl, who found fame on Love Island. A healthy size 12, who most women could really relate to, she had cellulite, lumps and bumps and was HAPPY.

Until, 2020 hit and she started the “happy body project” size 12 quickly became size 10, then 8 then 6. With the daily updates of healthy-looking meals, 10-minute workouts daily and she managed to get to that size…

What she didn’t show you, she was living off 500 calories a day, exercising 2-3 times a day and becoming obsessed with exercise to burn calories. She lost her periods.

Yes you read that correctly.

Her body stopped creating hormones that made her female, she stopped having a monthly cycle to look like that.

Yet hundreds of women all looked at her “ transformation “and saw that with only 10 minute workouts on her brand new app, they too could look like her.

In my own professional opinion, it angers me that it’s taken 18 months since these photos were released, for her to come out and say now she was completely obsessed with exercise, injured from over doing her high intensity training, malnourished and completely out of control.

She had lost her way from wanting to feel good in her own skin, to becoming someone with suck low body fat, that she became depressed, battled insomnia, had lost her menstrual cycle and was starving.

This is what those 2 hours and 24 mins a day does not show you.

You see, the before and after pictures that are posted, are mind games to sell you a quick fix, a training plan, or a tailored approach, to making you look just like that celeb.

But, the reality is, we must understand the things that we do not see and look at the bigger picture. We need to see the things that they don’t share and the elements of a transformation, that are quite honestly so unhealthy they can’t show you.

Exhibit B - Yasmin Oukhellou from Towie.

Another gorgeous curvy figure. Healthy and active but with “stubborn” mid-section fat “that no exercise could ever shift”.

This one makes my blood boil.

Look at her, absolutely stunning. An inspiration to women to train regularly and live life to their best life.

I’m sure most women will join me in saying they would kill to look like her.

But then… she goes and does this…