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Studio 281 is a gym with a difference that offers a unique boutique fitness space across Bedford and Milton Keynes. 

A place where ordinary people, achieve extraordinary things.

We pride ourselves in helping you strive and achieve things you never thought were possible whilst feeling supported motivated and challenged to step outside of your comfort zone.

Our team of friendly and welcoming instructors use specific programming to ensure your strength, fitness and health improves whilst you embark on your own personal journey with our variety of workout forms.


We are a place to exercise for anyone who is looking to change their outlook on life, make a difference to how they feel about themselves and make a lifestyle shift. With becoming part of the studio you are welcomed to be a member of our family and the journey begins!


New friendships, healthier lifestyle choices and no two weeks in the gym being the same. Start your journey with us today and realise what all the fuss is about. Whatever your fitness level, exercise experience or goal, our onboarding process is personalised to help guide and support you to find what sessions will suit you perfectly. So if your ready to get started, we are waiting to help you.

It really is as good as everyone says it is!

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