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There is so much happening to your body whilst pregnant, and after giving birth, that sometimes it can be confusing knowing what to do, how to start or when is even safe to do so.


Founder of Studio 281, Georgia Testa, is our resident pre and post natal specialist and has helped many mums training right through to 40 weeks pregnant and get back to exercise when they feel ready with personalised support and reassurance.  Georgia can work with mum's to ensure that they are in the best possible shape for the pregnancy, training safely and effectively throughout pregnancy  and helping them with their post natal recovery.

Georgia offers bespoke 1-2-1 post-natal recovery programmes, as well as post-natal screenings to check diastatis recti, changes in posture, hip alignment and prescribe specific exercises that will help you regain your core and feeling your best post-natal self. 

This service is specially designed with the modern mother in mind and aims to get you exercising and understanding your body again. 

All sessions are held at Studio 281 at a time that suits you with a personalised programme to take away after the session. 

Get in touch now to book in your screening with Georgia and make sure the mummy in you, is strong in all senses of the word.


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