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At Studio 281 we have a variety of workouts you can experience to ensure your time with us is varied and NEVER gets boring. The main way of accessing our sessions is via a membership, however we do also offer credit packs.



The ultimate indoor cycling experience. Big playlists, amazing lighting and sound systems.

A 45 minute full body workout on our stationary bikes, you will be led through a workout of sprints and climbs with metric focus using our state of the art bikes giving you the live data of how you are riding.

An incredible cardio and strength workout.

Are you ready to ride?


Met con is the place where strength meets cardio. Are you ready to take on the ultimate challenge?

Expect explosive rounds using cardio machines, body weight, dumbells and barbells to give you the opportunity to develop and improve your full fitness ability.

 Our instructors will lead you through this full body workout where you will challenge yourself to short intense bursts and challenging longer endurance rounds.

This session is guaranteed to test and challenge your fitness ability... hold tight its about to take itself to the next level...


Its time to get that heart racing.

Want to improve your fitness and feel the benefits of this cardio focused session? 

Conditioning uses body weight cardio exercises and machines to help take you to that next level. Get competitive with yourself and be ready for variety within the session where you will work in teams, pairs and solo to challenge yourself to go that bit further you didn’t think was possible.


Let's get ready to sweat and burn!


Moving your body in safe and effective ways to help grow your strength using a mix of body weight, weights and  weighted equipment to ensure you always get a well rounded full body strength focused session.

Our sessions are programmed to ensure you are able to track your progress over time, revisiting lifts and moves to aid your development and assist you on your fitness journey.

Whatever level of fitness you are, be ready to take your strength to a whole new level, move your body better and prevent injury all whilst being coached, supported and having a great time.



Slow down and feel the benefits of stretching, letting it go and aiding your mental clarity with our yoga classes.

Take a moment for you to find time and space for your body. Yoga is an amazing way to slow down, release tension physically, emotionally and mentally with breathing techniques to aid your body moving in this way. Included in our membership we host a candle lit yoga every month and vary our classes with one slower paced hatha class and one vinyasa class which is faster paced to help keep you feeling challenged.


Pilates at 281 is full of power and pulse.

We take your traditional Pilates form add the 281 twist and bring you an absolute game changer of a workout. The main focus is still posture, body positioning, core engagement and technique, however, we level up by using mat based equipment to  get deeper into your core, feel muscles you didn’t know you had and benefit from a low impact full body workout.

This session is great for anyone looking to improve their core strength and take a different approach to exercise.


Pilates just got spicy. A full body workout with a difference for all levels, get ready to challenge yourself with this workout filled with plenty of burn.

Using our state of the art Reformer beds, this low impact, full body workout will improve your strength, flexibility, work on your deep core strength, coordination and overall fitness.

Expect dynamic movements and isolated muscle holds.


You will need Reformer socks for the sessions; you're welcome to bring your own or we have them to purchase with us.

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